¡ƃuıʎp ǝʞıן sןǝǝɟ sǝɯıʇǝɯos ʇı'ƃuıʎɹɔ sı ʇɹɐǝɥ ɐ uǝɥM

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Harmony-seeking Idealists are characterised by a complex personality and an abundance of thoughts and feelings. They are warm-hearted persons by nature. They are sympathetic and understanding. Harmony-seeking Idealists expect a lot of themselves and of others. They have a strong understanding of human nature and are often very good judges of character. But they are mostly reserved and confide their thoughts and feelings to very few people they trust. They are deeply hurt by rejection or criticism. Harmony-seeking Idealists find conflict situations unpleasant and prefer harmonious relationships. However, if reaching a certain target is very important to them they can assert themselves with a doggedness bordering on obstinacy.

Harmony-seeking Idealists have a lively fantasy, often an almost clairvoyant intuition and are often very creative. Once they have tackled a project, they do everything in their power to achieve their goals. In everyday life, they often prove to be excellent problem solvers. They like to get to the root of things and have a natural curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. At the same time, they are practically oriented, well organised and in a position to tackle complex situations in a structured and carefully considered manner. When they concentrate on something, they do so one hundred percent - they often become so immersed in a task that they forget everything else around them. That is the secret of their often very large professional success.

As partners, harmony-seeking idealists are loyal and reliable; a permanent relationship is very important to them. They seldom fall in love head over heels nor do they like quick affairs. They sometimes find it very difficult to clearly show their affection although their feelings are deep and sincere. In as far as their circle of friends is concerned, their motto is: less is more! As far as new contacts are concerned, they are approachable to only a limited extent; they prefer to put their energy into just a few, close friendships. Their demands on friends and partners are very high. As they do not like conflicts, they hesitate for some time before raising unsatisfactory issues and, when they do, they make every effort not to hurt anyone as a result.

~Even if you can fall head over heels in love - like all Idealists - all in all you are still the reserved personality type. With you it takes a relatively long time until your counterpart has figured out that you have developed a romantic interest in him/her. You only show your feelings when you are very sure of yourself and the prospects for the relationship. In matters of love the word “flighty” is not a part of your dictionary. You incredulously notice affairs of others and can’t imagine how anyone can play that furiously with their own and the feelings of others. You are a very consistent and faithful person and you are looking for a partner like that - sometimes it takes a very long time.

When you are too reserved and hesitate too long before you really trust someone to open up to him/her, you make it very difficult for potential prospects. There is no question that your personality is one of the most complex and complicated types around. So it is no wonder that less complicated types sometimes become demoralized and give up before your flirtation has gained momentum.

Once you have committed yourself to a partner, it is for life. There is no going back. Since a relationship is that important to you, one of your most important goals in life is to keep the given promise. Your obligation is sacred and you expect your partner to feel the same way. Because it was difficult for you to trust, you have a real problem forgiving a betrayal of confidence like an affair as well as other behaviors that you see as treachery. All your aspirations are focused to form emotional oneness with your partner and to merge with him/her as much as is humanly possible. If your partner feels as you do and opens him/herself up to you, it can form the basis for a close and exclusive relationship. You run the risk of disappointment and hurt though, if you give your love to someone who wants no part of this intimacy. For you, it is either all or nothing.

Adjectives which describe your type: introverted, theoretical, emotional, planning, idealistic, harmony-seeking, understanding, peace-loving, sensitive, quiet, sympathetic, conscientious, dogged, complicated, inconspicuous, warm-hearted, complex, imaginative, inspiring, helpful, demanding, communicative, reserved, vulnerable

ELF's Love

I became ABNORMAL since i knew SJ.. everything i do are related to them..
wanna listen to music?? - super junior!!
wanna watch dvd?? - SUPER SHOW compilations
wanna eat?: ramyun is enough!
wanna drink? : bubble tea becomes favourite
wanna learn hangul? - SJ is my main reason
wanna go for vacation: south korea pls!!
wanna laugh: watch SJ shows
wanna release tension: SJ for sure!
wanna spazz: SJ pls!!
wanna relax?: SJ voices are all i need..
I'm not a normal girl for eyes of non ELF & i don't even care!!

even i'm turned out to be like this, my brain still functions well and know how to think what's good and bad....don't worry, i won't cross the line~~


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