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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Translated to Chinese By: Korea Version Mischievous Kiss
Translated to English By: reena29shadow
Edited By: ChaBori204


Carrying you who were bleeding, running with all my might to the hospital. At that moment I could only think of one thing, you have to be alright. Oh Ha Ni, you are such an energetic kid. You'll be alright. My heart started to acknowledge thousands thoughts like this.

Stupid irritating Oh Ha Ni, you still got into such a big trouble in the end!

Looking at you crying, that was the first time I know that it's possible to cry for others. Looking at you sniffing to control your tears, that was the first time I know that other's pain can also become mine. Like that, the pain will also only be half.

Like the Little Match Girl fairy-tale we read when we were young, peering around because she's envious of all the warmth in other's home. It's like she's able to get tons of energy from that mild warmth coming through the window, I also got the energy from the warm window.

Of course I know that if I rush to the interview right after sending you to the hospital, but I kept thinking that what if you woke up before anyone was there? Even it it's not because of you would wake up in the unfamiliar hospital, I also worried about you, this timid.

You would probably feel sad if you were alone...

In the end, it's still like before. In just few days, said that because you felt sorry, wouldn't eat anything, avoided seeing me. In the end even said that you want to leave the hour, packing your luggage and prepared to leave. Luckily I was waiting outside the door. Silly Oh Ha Ni!

To be honest, to me, university or top notch university means nothing to me. If I really want to learn anything, I can learn it myself. Don't have to be in university.

I'm sick of the expectation from the adults because of the word 'genius'. I hate all the rules in society that are pulling us around. There's really nothing I want to learn, also nothing that I'm interested in.

But now all I want is to live my life with more interest. Now with my unconcerned character, it's impossible for me to bring happiness to others. But I was really influenced by this interesting thought from Ha Ni. I already walk into this kid's life unknowingly.

I rejected everyone to take photo, but still got caught my Oh Ha Ni in the end.

It still feels really awkward to take photo now. I've been forced by my Mom to take photo since young. From then onwards, I already close my heart from this world. I dislike forcing myself to smile, and because of my Mom, in all the photos, my expression all look so stiff.

But today was a little different. To help her infront of Rose who always bullied her, I peeled of the cool me, just took it as giving this kid a present.

“Thank you”, she said. Even felt so happy by just taking a photo. How could I just let her off like that, haha.

“Costumer, please take 8800 Won!”

Recalled what happened at the convenience store, her expression when she got a shock was really worth it.

It's ok that you didn't know the other meaning behind this. Oh Ha Ni, you have worked hard. Oh Ha Ni, thank you for your present.

I will smile brightly forever in that photo.

It's still Bong Joon Gu. He's still following Oh Ha Ni around. Creating disturbance, wearing that shiny weird suit singing a song, a confession song to Oh Ha Ni with his bunch of brothers.

I really hate this guy who are able to confess his feelings so easily. Singing and holding on to Oh Ha Ni's hand, just like a small kid. An unknown anger rose within me.

How could Oh Ha Ni know that the feeling of that guy, yet she just let him went on like that. Isn't she saying all day that she likes me? So why was she allowing him to hold on to her hand, allowing him to bug you and yet showing like you were really shy?

Because of that unknown feeling to me, it's like water was all stuck in my throat, all the thorns growing in my mouth. I couldn't stand it.

“From now on, I will forget you! Now I clearly see you, Baek Seung Jo's character, so I will forget you! I want to end the love I have for you since middle school!”

Looking at your crying face and hearing you said all those, my body froze all of sudden. I forgot about all the harsh words I said in front of all those students and teachers in that moment. Also forgot all those hurting words I said to you. It's like being despise by you suddenly.

Compared to just now when you showed everyone my chidhood photo, this moment seems like I felt even angrier.

Although you said the same thing before, but you will still come back in the end. This time, it seems like she really wants to put an end to it, her expression looked so tough.

For that second, it felt like there's a gush of cold wind blowing from my back.

“Really? If you really can forget, then forget it!”

Am I crazy? I just kissed her like that?

“You definitely can't go anywhere else!” It's like I was trying to be certain of her feeling.

You have to stay by my side. Didn't you say that you will make my life interesting, and now you are taking it back?

We did make promise like that right? Ha Ni lips felt so hot. No, or was it my lips?

Young and childish heart is like it caught on fire. Although didn't say anything, but I'm sorry. Don't even know if it's your first kiss, but I just did it like that...

Looking at your shock face, actually I was really panicked at that moment. Expression wasn't bad, I'm kidding! Baek Seung Jo, this is really pathethic!

You will never know that now in my heart, I'm also lost. The Oh Ha Ni who keeps wavering my heart makes me...

Met her outside the bathroom with this indifferent feelings. Really stupid! Saying things that didn't reflect my heart. I'm just a boy who couldn't face my own feelings.

Oh Ha Ni, why is it you again!

Didn't you say you want to forget about me? So, the kiss still has some effect! Ha Ni starts hanging around me. Baek Seung Jo again, innocent fellow.

Now that the new life in university has started. Are you going to be like as before?

This kid's life is really that all about self entertaining, outrageous. Oh Ha Ni, how long are you going to continue like this?

Translated to Chinese By: Korea Version Mischievous Kiss
Translated to English By: reena29shadow
Edited By: ChaBori204


Oh Ha Ni was so daring! Coming into the room of hot blooded 19 years old guy's room! Genius Baek Seung Jo teasing silly Oh Ha Ni's system started! Hahahahaha!

Why do I always have the urge to make fun of her whenever I see her? Recently I start to think that she's really interesting!

“There's no adult at home, how is it?!”
As if there is really something on, I spoke in a deep voice. This kid who didn't know anything, she must really got a shock.

Heard the heart thumping like a drum coming from the chest. Thump, thump! But I originally started this joke just to tease her, why did my heart beating fast as well? The hand that I caught, who does it belong to? Why did it feel so hot? It's that right!

When I carried you on my back when you was drunk, the sound of your heart beating came from behind me. That was the first time in my life I felt the body of a woman. At that soft touch of it, I couldn't help but to say all the harsh words to reduce the uneasy feeling.

“You are so scheming, what else you want in the future?”

Same as the day that we went to the beach, when I commented about you looking like a primary school kid. Your shoulders in the sunlight, your pale arms and legs are that shining. Even if so, I didn't know that a simple joke like this is actually a punishment.

Recently, feels really complicated as I become not like me anymore.

“Here, will start thumping when you find something you like! Even till now, if my Dad smells the raw noodle, his heart will also start thumping.”

Ha Ni's words struck me like lightning. What do I really like? Is there anything that makes my heart thump like this before? Seems like till now, there's isn't anything that interest me or I really like. It's always easier for me to learn than others, can always master the tactic of sports very fast. So, I'm able to learn everything very fast, so there's nothing difficult for me.

Because of my family, I can get things easily if I want. This is the first time I thought of something like this. I really envy this kid who tries to get into university to find the things that she wants to do.

For me, who grew up this far without any dream, I'm disappointed with myself.

How to live my life, how is life supposed to be? A question that you couldn't get a satisfied answer even from adult. But this kid actually told me that, there's definitely something that I must do, with smart brain, I have to use it for others. For the first time, I actually look at people other than myself.

“Do well for your test, Baek Seung Jo jjang!”

Just a few words I received the trust in me from this kid. The trust from this kid always success was tying me up. Look carefully at this world, find the thing that you really want to do.

Waving goodbye withought looking back. It may look like I didn't care, can you understand? This action includes many meanings.

Sure, “Ha Ni-ah, you do well for your exams too, don't fail!”
“Ha Ni-ah, you also have to do your best!”

Really thankful to you for last night, for the porridge, the fork and the “Baek Seung Jo jangg!”

The warm concern from you are able to perk me up a lot, better than the cold wind that blows into my face.

Lucky, really lucky! Didn't give up even after being through all that. Even persevere to the interview, after the few days of torture, finally it's over.

Noah's snail, Oh Ha Ni!

Thank you for braving the storm and moving forward. Thank you for praying for other's success right from the beginning.

The red coat really suits you, Oh Ha Ni.

Although I went out because of Mom, but I knew everything. Mom's plan and everything. But even if so, the moment when I was getting ready and stepping out, I still felt a little excited. That unfamiliar boy in my body was in very good mood tonight. This kid who was watching a musical for the first time in her life, even for just a 500won softboy, she could even give a great meaning to it.

“The present for passing my exam. You know how difficult it is to catch the doll?” She even boasted to Bong Joon Gu.

So when I kicked the can right into the bin in front of Bong Joon Gu, the childish boy in me felt happy.

I know. “Gi....Kuang”

As it rang in my ears, my heart stopped. The wind, the sun or even breathing stopped at that second, the thing that I really want to protect.

This morning, you kept all the things that you wanted to say in your heart, following me because you were really worried, making me vexed but always following me around.

Really, the thing that I really want to protect, at that moment, I got it!

Friday, 13 April 2012

Translated to Chinese By: Korea Version Mischievous Kiss
Translated to English By: reena29shadow
Edited By: ChaBori204


This is ridiculous. What did she have in mind to bring that photo to school? She wanted so much to be associated with me? Also, why did Mom publish this photo on her blog?

Public danger Oh Ha Ni!

“Ya, Baek Seung Jo isn't he funny? Acting arrogant, really, started long ago...”
“But why must it be Oh Ha Ni? That fool...”
“Should have? Don't tell me the two already...”
“But, Oh Ha Ni, isn't she dating Bong Joon Gu?”
“So it's Baek Seung Jo snatching her from him?”

Mumbles everywhere, whole school was like a heehive. Every time when I walked past, didn't even bother to find out from me about the truth. It got bigger and bigger like a snowball. Didn't even know what happened and those people were talking about others. I hate it, I'm like in a drain now... Oh Ha Ni! Hate it!

“Stop acting like this. I dislike people like you the most. Stupid, don't understand the situation yet acting like you know everything!”

Coldly, releasing all the anger that accumulated. Actually, it's not all directed towards Ha Ni, just that there's too many frustrating things. I was just looking for somewhere to vent my anger.

So...so...only when I saw the dispair in her innocent eyes, I looked away.

“It's not that...it's me. Seung Jo will definitely think I did it on purpose. Seems like the impact is very big.”

Hearing the voice that I hate, voice that gives me headache coming through the window. Silly...

Why did I get angry so suddenly? Still when her friends were around. How embarassing...
Why was that my anger rose up so suddenly? Started scolding just like that, didn't manage to control it. I have never been like this fierce to anyone before. Accompanying the moonlight that shone into the room, was her deep voice. The sad voice that came with the wind.

I want to tease her whenever I see her. Shiver by a gentle touch, her reaction is so interesting. When touched, will open up like a spring. So amazing.

Angry the previous moment and smiling the next, combination of all kinds of emotions. Ha Ni is like a child.

What's the meaning of throwing socks? So curious, but she's so frantic. Much faster than she look? Even a fool will know...kekeke

Running and falling over and over, smiling and running over just like the first time. Having her around, I'll smile once in a while. I'll say it again, just once in a while.

Because of Mom's order, I had to bring water to her. Scary thing almost happened. My heart still thumping now and Uncle who dropped into hell for that moment. Sorry! Sorry! Ha Ni will cry if were to say more.

So, that's it. These two persons are the two other than my family, other than the two who didn't feel the danger. Really went deep into my heart.

Maybe if Ha Ni really met with accident, Uncle will not be able to live alone...What will happen to me? I...

Fool! Oh Ha Ni, you are really a fool! You don't know how to swim and yet you just jumped into the water like that. Tons of troubles, never ending trouble. Although keep torturing her with all the harsh words, but in her heart, the extend that she's even willing to die to protect, this kind of passion feel a bit heavy.

Bong Joon Gu, Oh Ha Ni. These two persons are very alike. To protect the people they love, to the extend of jumping into the fire. The concentration on running ahead with all their might. Like a fool...

What is the the thing that you want to protect? What is that you want to protect so earnestly?

Oh Ha Ni, is there a limit to your busybody? With you Ha Ni as a start, then is your two friends, now even your whole class? What was in your brain that gave you the idea to bring so many people back to our house?

Oh Ha Ni! What is the thing that you want to protect? Who gave you love like this? Things that I don't have it, why do you have it? Why do I have to teach Class 7 who have nothing to do with me. Really don't understand.

Oh Ha Ni, look at how strong are you. Able to lead me around like this...

“Because I'm smart, I'm also good in cooking!”

Actually I said that on purpose to make you hear. If so, Joon Gu who looks like a fool, he should be quite clever. How good is the Deokbokki that he made, praising him like there's no tomorrow.

You are really funny when you fall into my trap. Throwing the stone towards Oh Ha Ni.

“Clear up! Clear up the stove area!”

The look when she's grumbling because she didn't even get to eat a single bite, dislike it just by looking.

You who are always make my heart waver, I really dislike you. I hid about my true feelings today again. This is really frustrating.

Translated to Chinese By: Korea Version Mischievous Kiss
Translated to English By: reena29shadow
Edited By: ChaBori204


Seems like I'm getting use to live together with this kid after a month, no, or should I say I have already gotten used to the trouble that she caused me? Ke Ke!

Because of school, the chances of us meeting increased. One day I was rushing to the toilet because of stomachache, but could only listen to her singing behind the door. Couldn't help but wonder what was she doing in there, didn't want to come out? Really...

So, from today onwards, I wake up early than her to use the bathroom first. This is really irritating!

Why is her toothbrush place together with mine? Even Eun Jo feels discontented about it.

Because I heard about placing toothbrush together will cause a very weird feeling in the past, it's making me feel strange now.

This kid who was waving her hand saying “Hello!” Don't even know our home address. If I act as if I didn't know, and not greeting, definetely will have to listen to my Mom's nag. If I didn't go to school with her, I will have to hear my Mom's nag. If I came back and not walking with her through that dark street, all I will have to listen to is my Mom's nag. Because of this kid, I have to listen to all the nagging that I don't have to in the past, does she know it?! Miss Trouble Oh Ha Ni!

Sound of her bickering with Eun Jo, the noise of they were running up and down the stairs, the voice of hers chatting with Mom, because of all these noises, my home is in a mess. But Ha Ni's various voice makes me pricks up my ears.

Is that so? Since when this kid starts to feel like a family?

The moment that I know it was this kid that was fooling around with me, I couldn't help but pinched her face. The moment that I pinched her, I felt a little panic. I don't easily make body contact with others, but why was I able to stretch out my hand so naturally this time?

Seems like the start of accepting Eun Jo's joke? While screaming in agony, her expression turned ugly, but at this one moment, I actually think that she's a little cute.

Pu”...afraid that I would laugh, I quickly turned away to block myself from her, and at this very moment I realized our hearts got nearer again!

Feels as if the cool autumn wind was blowing.

When I decided to piggyback Oh Ha Ni, this Bong Joon Gu got to do it first. Don't know why but I feel a little angry. I definetely didn't have plans to piggyback her. No matter what, I still think that Ha Ni, who mess up my life is very irritating.

The moment when I saw the two of them hugging together when they won the tug of war;

What is this? What is this situation?
My heart hurts a little. Why? Heart felt as if it's being tied up by something. Like the moment with thunder in the summer sky, mood turned grey out of sudden. This had nothing to do with me at all!

That was the first time, working hard for something. While looking at Bong Joon Gu who was screaming on top of his lung caused of his anger, my mood couldn't help but turned better. This pumpkin head Oh Ha Ni who passed me the baton. Although she still doesn't make sense, but heart is still the same. Why does it make me feel so good?

Recently, when we meet each other but act as if we didn't see, I don't know why but it feels like something is holding tight to my heart.

Ha Ni who had hurt her leg walked into the living room, flushed, doing all her best in everything. Although there's nothing that she done well.

Mom only went to school and that made her so happy. Smiling and saying that she feels very fortunate, makes me think about the lonely days that she been through growing up without a mother. This makes my heart hurts all of sudden. Before I got to know her, how did she live her life?

Bi Bi, Bong Bong..” She waved her hands, shaking her butt, dancing but why is this kid so cute?

In the morning, when she's wearing Bong Bong outfit, sweating all over but still cheering for others. No matter what, she will also do her best, makes me start to feel that she's cute. The moment that I didn't even notice, my heart went one step ahead.

Very cute!” but my heart was once again taken control over by my rational side and I said “Go downstairs to help out!” although I wanted to ask her to get some rest because of her leg, but another part of me asked her to go help Mom out. “If you don't want to live off our house!

Thank God, she didn't realize. It melted a little, my frozen heart.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Translated to Chinese By: Korea Version Mischievous Kiss
Translated to English By: reena29shadow
Edited By: ChaBori204


On this side, she's saying “If there's a need, I can also get into the special class that only the Top 50 student could get in”. On the other side, she's embarrasing herself in front of Eun Jo. She's really weird. Although Eun Jo said that he hates Mom, but he's still forced to move into my room. Uncovered the muddle-head personality on the first day, she's being fooled!

She's chasing after me with her short legs. Don't tell me I'll be chased like this for the rest of my life. This thought starts to appear in my mind. Always getting link to her recently, all the rumours are making me pissed off, so I warned her not to start any rumours in school. Also asked her to swear that she will act like she doesn't know me in school. But no matter how mean is my words, she just stands there and listens to me. That feels really weird.

What happened? Why do I have an uneasy feeling like something is tied to my anckle?

Although I said that I would wait for her to come home, but I still went off without her. It's very irritating to be walking around with each other, doing things facing each other, listening to people nagging is irritating. But she always caught me. Saw a very weird guy this morning when we were heading out and there's still some distance from the station to our house.

So irritating! Why does she have to appear before me and mess up my daily life! So irritating!

She's not even afraid when she met with a pervert, only wanting to get back her shoes. She's really weird. When she looked at me with her innocent eyes and told me that it's the first present she received from my Mom, a feeling called sincerity pricked really softly in my heart.

Oh my! Even got sports wear wrong! So irritating! But this girl was really daring, she dared to asked me to teach her and still said that she would call off the promise that I need to piggyback her!

This is so annoying! Why did my Mom give this girl my photo? That was the period that I want to get rid off from my life most!

The time when I still knew nothing, I always got praised by my friends when I dressed up as a girl. I was the centre of attention and this made my little soul very happy. Also when I dressed up as a girl, the adults always praised that I was so cute that they wanted to bite me. But one day in school, when I changed into my swimming attire, my friends started calling me a pervert. Those kids who used to play with me started mocking me. From then onwards, I can't believe in anyone anymore! I always felt that no matter how much I tell you I like you now, but if anything happens, anything can change.

I had to agree to teach her to get back my photo. But this girl really knows nothing, no strategy of works! Asked her to give up from the beginning, but she just ignored it, saying that just like I don't know any of the artists' names, it's just that the area we are concerned about is different.

That's true, since it has already become like this. But even so, she's really too ignorant to be a year 3 student.

But by looking at this, she's really determined. Although she couldn't keep up, but still working hard. The never give up character is kind of special!

She got into the special class in the end. Oh Ha Ni, I acknowledge your hard work!

Although I warned her again and again not to talk to me in school, but she's still shouting thank you behind me, it's really....

This kid, can't help it. Ok, I'll tolerate it just for today. I know how she has worked hard for the past one week!

But, what? Asked me to piggyback her?

Translated to Chinese By: Korea Version Mischievous Kiss
Translated to English By: reena29shadow
Edited By: ChaBori204


One day I met this random girl, making lots of noise at the vending machine. For a moment, I think it's really amazing, wanting to ask how come there's a girl like this. But I'm still not that interested and walked away. All this only lasted till I received a love letter from her.

What? I'm a fairy from the jungle! Which comic did she get this from? Looks like she's only reading comic instead of studying, full of mistakes everywhere, even the handwriting is bad.

I definitely can't tolerate this! How dare she wrote this kind of letter to me, the perfect Baek Seung Jo. You are a complete D-!

Caused the girl to be embarrassed infront of so many people unexpectedly. Although I'm feeling a little bad, but she's already in year 3 and yet she couldn't even write a simple letter like this. Hope that this incident will be able to wake her up. Although her about-to-cry expression did make me feel a little guilty, but the rumour about me dumping this girl started to spread around the school. Because of this, I was made fun of by my friends. All the explanation makes me even more irritated.

How could it be possible that bottom student of our school, Oh Ha Ni is the daughter of dad's friend! Mom was happily moving Eun Jo's furniture into my room and even bought tons of stuff for girl. I couldn't help but imagine how did she get on with her life till now?

Although I pray that there won't be any disturbance to my daily life, but why do I still have a very bad feeling? Oh Ha Ni who was happily hugging a soft toy in one hand, holding to a bag with another, froze the moment she saw me. That was really funny!


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