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Saturday, 24 November 2012


Translated to Chinese By: Korea Version Mischievous Kiss
Translated to English By: reena29shadow
Edited By: ChaBori204


“Move back home. What's gonna happen to Mom's dream of everyone staying together happily? Treat Ha Ni better as well. She thought you left because of her. Shouldn't you do something?”

Mom is always worried about Ha Ni. But you don't have to. Ha Ni will find her own way no matter how. This kid is so much more stronger than I imagine.

“I decide my own life. I won't be Mom and Dad's puppet. To Ha Ni as well. You didn't ask for my opinion when you asked her to move back in with us this time. So Mom, just let it be.”

Mom, you are making it difficult for me. How nice it will be if you don't always ask me to do things your way. That is what other people call popularity.

The incident on dressing up as a girl that made me became a laughing stock among my friends, made me singled out from others. Plus being called genius, compared to other kids I know much more, so I've been treated life a treasure.

Unknowingly, I got used to the life of not expressing my thought. In this world that even if I know many things but it still wouldn't be accepted infront of this mom who always says “It would be great if it's a girl.” It's very difficult to express myself.

Now, I'm going to look for myself. Look for the me that can still survive even without any help. A strong world that no one can interfere.

Accompanying the sound of the wind, Ha Ni walked out. Is she angry?

Denying that she's my girlfriend. It's still a little dificult for me to explain.

I don't like to talk about us infront of people whom I'm not very close with. Those people always choose to only listen about what they want. Can our difference be told by words?

Publisizing distorted facts. Do they know that this will bring damage to others? But no matter when, you will still be Number 1 in my heart.

Ha Ni, you are the only one whom I can tell my worries to. That is you! Oh Ha Ni.

Is it right? My decision...

The decision about going to medical school, is it really mine?

Dad who asked me to study business, Ha Ni who said that it would be great if I go to medical school.

I, who will not be the puppet of my parents, why would I be manipulated by Ha Ni?

“Baek Seung Jo, you do well in everything. If you go to medical school, you can cure No Ri and many other people in the world. Isn't it great to be able to help others?”

Couldn't forget the scene of you looking at me. You who told me confidently what I should do. Then on, I secretly learn a little on medical.

Surprisingly, I'm getting interested in it. Gaining more and more interest in the field that's new to me.

So I decided this will be the path I'll take. The way you guided me.

“Anything troubling you? Let me help you!”

It would be great if you really help me. Unknowingly coming after me because I don't look well. You are always looking at me, right?

That's why you are feeling troubled? My friend, Oh Ha Ni.

“I've decided to study medical. Although I'm not sure if it's suitable for me, but this is the first time I'm interested in something.”

“Is it because of what I said? Still remember the things I've said?”

Able and know what to do well...Seems like you have already forgotten what you said to me. Indeed, it's you...silly.

I feel that everything you said to me have special meaning, so I remember everything. I have things I want to do, living my life happily, provide happiness to others...

You said things like if I can become a doctor, I'll be able to save No Ri. I changed because of what you said. My life, you gave me a meaning to it.

Still the same! Panicking Oh Ha Ni!

You said that all your friends have found things that they want to do. You looked really lonely. I want to listen to your worries today, just like how you listened to me few days ago.

“Tell me! Tell me your dream.”

“It's if you're a doctor in the village, I'm the nurse. I will help you with the work, pacifying those crying children. But there's a problem in my dream. If you want to be a pilot, I want to be a stewerdess. If you want to be a professional golfer, I'll be a caddy, still as willful. I'm always revolving around Baek Seung Jo. Don't have a presence of my own.”

Although you said sorry but I still feel secretly happy. In your dreams, there's still me. But can you she become a nurse with her results?

“Isn't it worth it to fullfil your dreams, right?”

I patted her shoulder. Just like what she did to me. The day I went for the exam, you patted my shoulder and say 'good boy'! Like the day in the car on the way to the beach, you patted my shoulder while laughing, and like the time when we were catching the doll. You always comfort me like this...

So today, I also use this way to comfort you. Oh Ha Ni, fighting!! Hope that you'll be able to fulfill your dream no matter what. Even it's really tough, you have to know that you are Noah's snail Oh Ha Ni!

Wait. Wait for the day that we both wear the white robe.

Seung Jo-ah! You decide your future without discussing it with me?”

Dad looked really angry. Dad who always speaks in a soft tone now sounds really angry.

“I wish to do things that I like in my life.”
“Can't you take over Dad's company?”
“I want to be a doctor. I won't take over Dad's company.”

Ignoring my dad's opinion, it's not part of my plan to allow Dad to interfere with my life.

Yes, this is the ridiculous thing that I imagine. Eating the raw yam, drinking the salty soup. This is the first time I'm eating yam that taste like raw potato, crunchy, it really isn't that good.

But I still finished it because it's made by her. She would be very sad if I didn't eat it. How her eyes would be sunken? How much torment would she get from Eun Jo?

I'm always worried about you. I did housework when I was living alone. It's really not something easy.

The empty space of yours makes me feel regret. Only now I treasure you by my side.

Even though I said I'll eat outside, you still prepared a lunch box.

“I did it from early in the morning...”

Pleading, can't do anything other than accept it. Couldn't ignore that thought, I accepted the lunch box in fear.

Right too, I think I heard the noise you made since early in the morning. Although the heart shaped egg looked so good, but how does it taste?

Even though it really did look like you put in all your heart to do it, but why did it make me feel more and more uneasy?

“Your lover did it?”

Department Head asked me. I don't know why but I didn't disagree. Already to the extend that I couldn't deny that you have already gone so deep into my heart.

Joon Gu gave me his eel lunch box and snatched the one Ha Ni made away. Joon Gu, today you will know Ha Ni's nature. Maybe the split second when your fantasy burst will be very charming. Keke...

“Seems like Dad needs operation. I have to be in the company for the time being.”

Slowly, words flew out of my mouth. I thought it would be great if I didn't have to be the one saying it. But there's really nothing I can do when facing the reality.

“Then what about medical school? This is the first time, the first time you have something that you want to do, your dream!”

Yes, that's my dream. A painful dream that disappears.

“Although it's not interesting, but if I stay in the company, Dad will be happy.”

Yes, even if I have to compromise, but it will be good if I can succeed. Although it's boring to me...

“Seung Jo, how? What should I do?”

Today, your sad voice gave me comfort. Compared to me, you who feel sad because of me...Your tears...it became a comfort. Slowly, going into my life, unknowingly it reduced my pain.

The night that we both suffer in agony...Even the stars couldn't get to sleep, you and I couldn't get to sleep...

“President's grand-daughter is there. Do you mind going for a meet up?”

Blind date as the condition of providing financial support...

Business strategic marriage that always happens for business is going to come true? When money and money meets, benefits and benefits meets, it's like begging, I also have to do it? To save the company?

I also have to do the things that I once looked down upon. This is the cruel truth. I understand that no matter how I feign arrogance, I still can't avoid the fact that's coming to me.

Dad works hard like this too? Alone...like this...fighting against how many problems that he couldn't solve?

Man, the support of the family, the burden in the life is too heavy, seems like it's suffocating.


You're still going through so much trouble for my family today but I have to abandon you...How? I...

I hurt my dad too much. There's really nothing else I can do. Feeling sorry for dad who has fainted because of the shock that I gave him.

Dad's dream. I can't act like I don't know dad's hardship all along. Family who rely on this company...

Mom and Eun Jo...what will happen to you?

Ha Ni-ah...what about my heart that couldn't incline to you?

The newly born man in me is bleeding. Pain, very painful.

Now I have decided....abandon you. Delete all those wonderful memories...It's okay, it's going to be okay...it's only 2 years. The memories with her, just forget and it will be okay.

I can forget, keep my heart away. Like a paper that's being hit by water, keeps tearing my heart apart...


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